May 6, 2011

Now a little more about FAST5

I 100% enjoyed my 2 hours spent with this movie. (proof: I didn't even almost fall asleep. Even with a full stomach of Cinco de Mayo food.) Here are some things I think greatly improved my experience and my advice to anyone going to see this:

- See it at a mall theater. Preferably one with an Abercrombie&Fitch so that you can walk by it before and be properly scented for the experience. (I even woke up the next morning smelling a tiny hint of that stuff and it made me smile.)
- See it in Utah so that you can share the theater with a bunch of 8-year-olds
- Laugh when you want to laugh, gasp when you want to gasp, so NO WAY! when you want to say NO WAY! Trust me, the movie's loud enough to cover most of that up and no one around you will care anyway
- Don't think about all the hundreds of people driving the cars that they're demolishing during their chases/gun fights. It'll ruin it. Just keep saying 'they're just cars, empty cars.'
- Don't worry about anything logistical
- Don't expect any surprises in dialogue/plot/anything
- DO expect to see A LOT of muscle. The Rock & Vin were obviously in a showdown for hugest/oiliest bodies. It's unbelievable.
- Do picture Paul Walker as the Deedle you met him as. Every time he comes on screen.

I think that's it. It really is a no-lose situation.


Jonas said...

One of the few movies I can feel confident giving a 10/10. It delivered a 100% of what was promised. Wooden Acting. Check. Bad Dialogue. Check. Tons and tons of action that defies reason and physics. Check. Memorable lines. Check (this is brasil with portuguese accent.) The Rock and Vin Diesel in the showdown of the century. Check.
I can't wait for Fast Six.

kate said...


regan said...

Matt has really gotten through to you.

upto12 said...

You missed a bullet point:

-See it with someone who is so excited that he invites an entire office to see it with him—and then still manages to giggle and grin from ear to ear for the whole 2 hours even though no one else showed up to see it.

shayna said...

Looks like I missed the best day of my life.

bec said...

Did you know Meet the Deedles is NOT on Netflix. That whole thing is a sham.