May 6, 2011

What'd you expect?

This is what I'm gonna do if I've been married for a month then my husband goes to new york for a whole week wihout me:
cut my hair
go see Fast5
eat cereal for dinner
fall asleep on the couch every night
not do the dishes/laundry/etc
not do the 80 projects I looked forward to doing
remember what i liked about new york
watch Sweet Home Alabama a few times
be bored
get new tires on my car
talk to myself a lot
try to play Fruit Ninja v. myself
contemplate buying a same-day ticket to new york
realize I'm a baby

How do people do this when they have real lives?


shayna said...

I should have been doing all of this with you.

hanner said...

i eat quesadillas for every meal when robbie goes out of town.

momo the lemur said...

marriage sounds good! husbands out of town not so good!