May 16, 2011

Till my daddy takes the T-bird away

Sometimes it's fun to pretend like you're picking out which house you'll live in on every street you go down. Or to make up stories about the mysterious people at the laundromat. Or be really sure you'd be much better parents than that one in front of you at the soccer game. (We would though I swear. These kids were regular Lipnickys) Or have in-depth discussions about kitchen tile and layouts at Ikea. Or try as hard as you can to find some thing, any thing, to spend your Kohl's giftcard money on (who shops there?). Or pretend like your little brother's upcoming wedding is a reason to start looking at wedding blogs again. And it's definitely fun to play catch at the park on a sunny Sunday afternoon. But when your partner in all this throws (catches) his neck out, you might think the fun is all over. But then he builds a really funny pillow bed throne thing so that he can still laptop and boom, it's back!


Anna said...

John is getting married?! WHAT?!

regan said...

I sound really cool here.

upto12 said...

Just keep laptoppin, Regan. Don't ever let it stop.