Oct 17, 2012

Cousins 1-4

Gwen and I rode the bus down to Maryland the other weekend to meet some cousins. (And an aunt and uncle and grandma.) She screamed for the first 20 minutes but then slept peacefully for 4 hours so I'd almost forgotten about the screaming by the time we got there. Bless my fellow passengers' hearts for giving me unhelpful advice while she screamed. And thank goodness Regan was with us on the way home to shield us from any dirty looks. Except, of course she was perfect on the way back.

Cheeks + some tunnel taking us outta town

Storytime with Grandma and the girls 

Hilly hay ride

Regan had the same reaction as David

Colette and her tiny pumpkin

Pretty Meg

I wish I would have recorded the boys with her. Caleb kept stopping what he was doing to "go see how cute baby Gwen looks right now." And Davey couldn't believe how tiny everything on her is. Talk about sweet. 

4 cousins down, 32 to go. What a lucky baby.


shayna said...

Woah Meg is so big. I haven't see her since her "naked, crawling up the door jam" picture. She's so pretty.

momacita said...

Lucky baby to have so many people who love her.

Bean said...

Ah, cute pictures. I'm glad they adored her as much as she deserves. Megan is owning that outfit and no wonder Colette got along with Grandma- what spoiled lucky girls!

lissa said...

cousins are invaluable. keep your friends close and your cousins closer.

bec said...

i want to hang out with all those cousins. What a good grandma to be so adventurous. (I can barely leave the house with just the three of us)