Oct 24, 2012

Two Months

Tons of smiles (which make for tons of double chins)
Almost rolling over (therefore spending half the day stuck on her side and mad about it)
Coos and gurgles and yells
Still lots of kicking
Still a good eater
Still a good sleeper
Still can't believe she's ours (ahhh)

p.s. Thanks Hannah for giving us what is now our official photoshoot blanket.


Jane said...

i just die over these gwen photos. sweetie.

lissa said...

Hannah gives the best baby blankets!

Egan Metcalf said...

Kate- Gwen is a beauty!!
Regean in the fire escape story.- So funny. I feel like I would act the same way as you.

shayna said...

Only two months old? I forgot I met her when she was just weeks old. Congratulations!!

hanner said...

i'm sew honored

Siouxzy said...

Cutest everything.