Oct 23, 2012

Beautiful Town, USA

Regan's parents came to visit! Neither of them had been here and we had a whole week to kill. We spent the first 2 days alone while Regan slaved away at work. Monday we spent here in Brooklyn just taking naps and wandering around the neighborhood, and staring at the baby. Basically my life every day. Tuesday we ventured to the city and rode the Staten Island Ferry, went to the temple, and got a rickshaw tour through Central Park. My favorite part was when Reese knew what the Plaza Hotel was from Home Alone 2: Lost in New York. Actually, that was sort of his frame of reference for everything. My second favorite part was Gwen screaming for the last 10 minutes of the tour and then some more while I tried to feed her in a Tasti-D-Lite yogurt shop.
Oh motherhood!
The only picture I took that day. Kay and the statue.   
Two days was enough city for us so Wednesday we headed "up north". I think we were basically unaware of where we were headed the entire time until we got there and then sometimes I still didn't know where we were. Luckily Gwen ended up being an expert road-tripper so we could all just enjoy the moseying around and we never got stuck 300 miles away from home with a baby who suddenly hates her carseat. (Can you tell I was worried about this?) Reese served his mission in upstate New York so we got to see some of where he'd been. And some church history sites. And some very very pretty scenery.
Josiah Stowell home. A friend of Joseph Smith's. Don't worry,
I hadn't heard of him before this trip either.

I think this is where Joseph and Emma were married in Afton, NY.
Which I kept calling Afton, WY. Oops.

This is an unflattering picture of us with some Neon Trees.

This is the best climbing tree to ever exist.
This is our cute baby in her first hotel.
This is what people's backyards look like up there.  
This is Gwen being a good road-tripper. 

Oh, then we made it to Cooperstown. Cooperstown! The hidden gem and highlight of our trip. This place was so charming and beautiful. It's on this big lake and there are millions of trees and not an ugly house in the whole town. I was very impressed. And the Baseball Hall of Fame! Which means Main Street was filled with punny shop names like "Bottom of the Ninth" and "Safe at Home". I love that stuff.

I never knew about the awesome warm-up cardigans they used to wear
(like the one on the left).
Ebbets Field in New York.
The original "sand lot" where the first baseball ever was played. Now it's a cute stadium.

and Gwen

It was sorta tough to  capture what we were seeing because most of it was from inside a car. But upstate definitely delivered. Except the Catskills, we drove through them on the way home and
were very underwhelmed. But the Hudson River- very nice! And driving all...the...way...through...
manhattan- also sorta fun. Coming back to the city after being away always makes me wonder again why we are all piled on top of each other when just a few miles away there is a whole ton of fresh air and wide open space. Oh well, all the more fun to get away.


Siouxzy said...

Jealous of everything. Especially that cupcake.

shayna said...

First roadtrip!!!! If I fly out there and get us a car, can we go on another one. Snacks and songs and stories and sun.

Kristine said...

gwen is gorgeous!

looks like a good little getaway. cooperstown sounds awesome.