Oct 31, 2006

Signs of the Times.

Yesterday, around 3? in the afternoon, all the lights in 157 W. Pierpont flickered. The thing about this flicker though, was that it was audible. A clicky flicker. A single click actually. And the other thing about this flicker is that it was heard/seen/felt by people across the...state? at the same moment. I have confirmed accounts of this flicker in Provo, Lehi, Salt Lake, Centerville, Ogden and Sandy. This flicker was not felt as far as Boise or Maryland. This flicker was so adamant about being felt that it even shut off cell phones that were in use at the moment it wanted to flick, to have our undivided attention. This, combined with the eerie scratching noises coming from the "construction" next to our studio, the ghastly back touching, stories of our resident "friendly ghost", some pretty creepy ruckus (giant marbles? table saws?) going on below our home and the number of mirrors I can see myself in from this position on the couch (11) are enough to do me in. Which is just what the undead would wish from their holiday. So bravo, you've done it. It's Hallowe'en.


veronica said...

You can chalk up another Halloween omen to the demon deer I almost hit last night after the clock struck 12.

:: STEVE :: said...

You might be cracking up.