Feb 8, 2013


For the last leg of Gwen's Tour around the West, we surprised Becca with a stop in Boise. We flew there with my mom and I can't believe we actually kept our mouths shut and pulled off a real surprise. It was COLD in Idaho but we had a warm cozy new house to hang out in. Not to mention a stack of People magazines, chocolate-covered cinnamon bears, and the Golden Globes and Miss America on back-to-back nights. Maddy and Anders were super sweet to Gwen. Adam and Becca cooked us delicious food and us ladies hypothetically decorated the whole house from the comfort of the couch. Maybe I got sick here and flew home with a monster sinus head/body ache happening but it was worth every tissue to hang out here for a few days.

Waiting in the airport:
Photo by Anders:

Photo with Anders:

Maddy reading us a story:

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shayna said...

I read the whole post, but all I can think about is chocolate covered cinnamon bears.