Feb 8, 2013


Before Regan flew back to NY, he drove me and Gwen down to Henderson. I hadn't been here since our wedding and was due for a visit. It was everything I always want from a trip to Henderson. Which includes a whole lot of relaxing, warmer temperatures, trips to Target, home-cooked food everyday, shopping in mom's fabric store, and lots of people to play with any baby they can find. Liz and Vinny came down for the weekend but I didn't take any pictures. Also missed a photo op with Just Jill. Next time, guys. 

Nightly call to talk to her dad:



shayna said...

I love Henderson. I need to shop in your mom's fabric store.

momacita said...

I remember when you kids were little, and as soon as you got in the door from school the first thing you did was go find the baby and lie on the floor and talk to him/her. I love that memory.

Jill said...

I love it that we always forget to photo document our friendship! Haha, next time! Gwen is getting so big! I love her!