Feb 8, 2013


Sledding (Siouxzy I stole your pictures):
In his old Marching band hoodie:
Babies holding babies:
Girl Cousins:
Lunch with Snow roommates and Gwen's new best friend, Etta: 
Dinner with my girls back at M street. Man I miss this house and these friends:  
Dinner with Regan's 2 childhood best friends. This was just really cute:
(Amy I stole your picture)

What a trip. 10 days wasn't long enough but we did get to see tons of friends and family and snow. I think we got out of there just before had I completely convinced myself that New York doesn't exist (no offense, New York).


Siouxzy said...

love all these posts!

Amy Rex said...

it was SO great to see you guys. now that we're in vegas it seems weird that you aren't here too! come back soon! :)