Aug 3, 2006

i could have had it all

yesterday morning i woke up cold. a sensation i haven't felt in months. i wanted to shower, to warm my body. i'd almost forgotten that any season besides hot existed. driving to work was much more enjoyable due to the company of my friend V. (it was take your daughter to work day) i showed her my new favorite game of hitting all the white plastic tab guys that stick up from the road. the ones i thought were hard and stiff as a child, until i walked right on top of one in a parade. you know the ones. so, there's a new guy working my parking garage booth. and he's a girl. not a boy at all. what were they thinking? they must have read my previous post and thought it a cry for help. i messed something up in a bad way at work. i was writing a proposal for a new website project. anyway, i messed it up, and we sent it to the company, all messed up like. one guy at my work was really upset. thank heavens he's a boy and will have forgotten all about it by today. i'm going to a wedding for an old roommate of mine today. well, going to a luncheon and a reception to celebrate the wedding of an old roommate of mine, i guess. so of course this has me thinking. about weddings and life. and the time when this roommate said to me "see. you should have gone on a mission. then you'd have it all." mind you, she meant no harm. yet, her position as an RM (since april) and fiance (since june) combined with those words was quite the twist. i can't deny she has a point. i mean, i can raise her 'all' a nearly completed college degree but we all know where that falls in comparison to a husband. at any rate, i'm very happy for her. I think i've decided to move into the basement of my current residence. i love a new place to live. with endless possibilities. there's lots of light down there and the cutest, smallest kitchen. i want to get some real mail. i hope i get some real mail pretty soon. last night i helped courtney revise her art history final. i realized that i don't hate writing papers at all. i can' think of a time i hated writing something. i mean, i get stumped as much as anyone, but i never hate it. i guess i'm going to grad school to get an english degree.

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