Aug 7, 2006

thanks, mom

i was, today, reminded of a thing my mother did for our family. something i had almost forgotten. (which is tragic, because i am becoming my mother, and without this vital piece, i'd never make it) anyway, her series of 'moments' presented at family home evenings are the thing i was reminded of. thanks, mom, for all those 'etiquette moments', 'grammar moments', 'heritage moments', 'language moments' (phrases in new languages), 'cleaning moments' and most likely lots of other 'moments'. sometimes she would turn over the next series of moments to one of her children. but we were never quite ready for that. i mean, little johnny tried to stay on top of his 'lawn mowing and other outside chores moments' but were any of us, his 5 sisters, really going to listen? it wasn't his fault. anyway, i'm starting to think that i'm ready for such a responsibility. my family is going to be so lucky. it took my mom till age 40-something to start her 'moments' rolling but i've got a 20 year head start on that. "thanks, grandma" my kids will say. and they'll mean it, too. not sarcastically like you may have read it the first time, but sincerely, deep downly. thanks, mom.

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Obvious Expert said...

I like the strong presence of Katriarch I'm seeing here. (Or is it still premature to bring her up?)