Aug 11, 2006

i do what i want

it has become glaringly apparent to me lately that in most areas of life, the saying 'do what you want' will not ruin you. nay, it will not even hurt you. not at all. not any more than any other philosophy. perhaps, in fact, it is the ticket to success. why o why will it matter if i eat a peanut butter twix? buy chocolate milk? talk to my ex? reveal my un-talent for whistling? take a lunch break at 3pm? stay up too late? sleep in my bathing suit? go to a concert at uvsc? wear a t-shirt with dinos on it? matters not. i wanted to. and i did. and i'm better for it. honestly, i've been charting my 'life success and overall happiness' for the last 6 months, the last month being the start of this new creed and there has been no unusual dip in progress, no downward spiral of depression, no cash in on bad karma. none. so there it is, folks. do what you'd like to do. and your life will be perfect.

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