Aug 4, 2006

it's a nice day for...

i had quite the night last night. but i feel great this morning. weddings exhaust me. friday morning donuts exhilarate me. we had a BBQ at work today. and it was actually girly! (girly=side dishes, dessert, non-carbonated beverages) for once! chips and salsa are always so good. my music is on party shuffle and i haven't had to skip a song yet. and it's 1:36. that's almost unheard of. but i'm in a mood to let 'O holy night' and 'the way you look tonight' run their courses. it's a good mood to be in. when i get impatient with music, it's never a good sign. not sure why i'm feeling so autobiographical lately, but i am. maybe i'm going to die soon, or something.

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