Dec 14, 2007

banana is my favorite popsicle flavor, uh, usually, kind of

so i don't really have favorite anythings. i guess yellow and/or gray are my favorite colors for like a year running. but that's as close as i ever get to loyalty. 'what's your favorite___?' questions usually make me really nervous and antsy. because i don't have answers. and what if i say something that i kinda sorta like and then the next day i find something i like better? then did i lie to that person? i'm just never sure enough of any love to claim something a favorite. so, with no further disclaimer, here are some new favorites, of the week:

new favorite breakfast: english muffin (toasted and w/honey), stephen's mint truffle hot cocoa with a touch of vanilla creamer
new favorite book: i like you
new favorite movie: martian child
new favorite enemy: icy patches under my tires where i've been parked all night (good thing megan was feely extra roommatey that morning)
new favorite technique: not showering every day
new favorite experiment: photobooth picture every morning when i get to work (i don't know why)
new favorite way to get a giant me: ASCII Poster
new favorite treat: easy cinnamon bread (refrigerated pizza dough, butter, cinnamon, sugar—piled into a pan—how could that not be good?)
new favorite way to find email subject lines/post titles/sitcom ideas/etc.: Generator Land
new favorite thing to anticipate: sarah, maggie and will! sleepover! tonight!
new favorite hobby: Christmas surprises!

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