Dec 6, 2007

final score

letterpress: 2  kakie: 3
(i won! my final project was a complete success. i mean, the color choices ended up nothing like i'd imagined, but we had our final critique last night and i don't remember the last time i felt so successful. i didn't make any of the same mistakes that i did on leadbottom, so that's progress. and people liked it and were interested in it and there was all this discussion about the word intention and why i didn't do a booklet envelope. and no one would believe me when i said that i didn't really think through the concept as deeply as it appeared. i just went with first instincts and didn't question them and somehow that method created a victory for me. so basically, toot! toot! on my little horn.) 


Megan said...

But don't corsets represent all evil and ill-will toward women? Didn't you mean oppression instead of intention?

Tim Glenn said...

5 game series. Game 5's are always intense. Way to keep your cool.

round 2

upto12 said...

Do you think we could have a piece or two of your art?