Dec 3, 2007

blog archives are the new online tv

since no shows are new online, i've had to get creative. i mean, i know there's no way i want to cut back on the amount of time i spend on the internet, so i've just been finding other things to look at. so far, the most entertaining option i've found is blog archives. if you think someone is interesting/funny now, you should probably see what they were saying 2 years ago. everything was longer and weirder and less sensored back in 2005. i usually break up this blog reading with some youtube sessions (that's only funny for about the first 3 minutes, if you are going to watch it) and bookmark organizing. what have you all been doing to maintain your amount of time wasted on the internet, while shows are all being reruns? (sometimes i pretend that this blog is taped in front of a live studio audience and when i pose questions like that, there are thousands of people pondering it all at the same time)

1 comment:

hanner said...

I create witty blog posts, I look at people I don't know on Facebook, I read design and fashion blogs, I listen to Pandora, and I put things in shopping carts and then never buy them.

I also post questions on my blog like they are being taped in front of a live audience.

But that's probably stuff you do anyway.