Dec 17, 2007

is it so wrong to

-want the shoes and sweatshirt i bought for a 5-year-old to come in my size?
-want to buy 10 pairs of shoes for a 5-year-old i've never met. mostly because her name is Emeline. and because she doesn't know what size shoe she would wear so they just traced her foot?
-eat most of a bag of Cadbury minis that were meant to be sent in a package tomorrow?
-get really nervous right about now that i'm not living this season to the fullest?
-want to have 12 kids?
-still think i can pull off some type of holiday mixer between now and friday?
-make cinnamon pull-aparts twice in 3 days?
-scotch tape a lampshade to a lamp?
-lay on the ground in the dining room to watch Elf, but mostly just sleep, wake up at 3:30am, and then write a blahg post?

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