Dec 26, 2007

home schooled or all i do is make lists

things i've learned/remembered while at home the last 5 days:
-i will likely never meet another man quite like my grandpa Robert, although there are many in training
-i feel severely crippled without turn signals, dashboard lights, a handle on the car door
-if my mom cries, i cry. if my dad cries, i cry.
-i like sleeping in beds more than i like sleeping on the floor
-i know how to play the piano
-no matter how hard i try to be annoyed by it, waking up to the sound of kids, isn't a bad thing
-i come by most character traits frightfully honestly
-i don't mind wearing a sparkly Christmas dress picked out by my mom/aunt/sister to church
-i will never bring portable dvd players (one for each child) to a restaurant (that wasn't my family, just people we saw while at yummy brunch. so sad)
-i could sit in my house for weeks i think and not get bored. i just like sitting in this house
-it's hard to beat a game of Christmas day kickball
-although appreciated, i don't really care what i get or don't get anymore (i'm just really mature and selfless)
-my skin and throat prefer to have at least one drop of moisture in the air they live in

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